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Our services

We believe more options are better. That's why we offer an array of optional planting and maintenance services to serve the needs of the backyard gardener.

We offer:

  • Delivery when YOU'RE ready

    • You might be able to find the "same" trees online, but our experience has been that those trees always show up weeks after you would have liked to get them in the ground and they're always smaller than you thought they'd be. That won't happen with us.

  • Planting (for a small fee), which includes the following options:

    • Fencing

    • Water bucket w/slow release hose- we recommend you fill your water bucket in the morning and water in the evening- this lets chlorine escape and warms the water, which is better for the tree

    • Tree Guard-Tree Guards keep keep critters away from the fragile bark, help prevent winter sun scold, and help limit suckering from the grafted root stock

    • Fertilizer- a slow release tablet that gives the tree everything it will need for the first 2 years

    • Mulch- Keeps the moisture in, keeps summer soil temps lower, and helps prevent root freeze damage in the winter

    • Weed inhibitor- uncontrolled grass and weeds compete for moisture and nutrients 

    • A 2-year guarantee

  • Maintenance

    • Pest Control and Spraying- We don't recommend too much spraying, but some may be necessary. Click here for a quick guide from the Univ of MN.

    • Pruning- Most important in the first 3 years

    • Watering- If you're going to be away and want to make sure your trees are watered, we can help

More detail is available by e-mailing or you can call Joel (320) 219-8535 ‚Äč