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There are two types of Raspberries: Summer Bearing and Fall Bearing (sometimes called everbearing). We stock our favorite of each. Click here  for some expert info

Killarney Raspberry (Summer Bearing) Attractive red berries with great aroma and flavor.

Excellent for freezing, canning and of course pie. One of the most disease resistant varieties,

making it very easy to maintain. Sturdy growth habit. Released in Manitoba in 1961, thus very

winter hardy. A distinct improvement over 'Latham'.

Caroline Raspberry (Fall/Everbearing) 

Proven to be one of the most productive varieties for the Midwest. It is considered to be a new standard for fall bearing varieties. Fruit is larger than 'Heritage', more productive and the taste is very flavorful. 'Caroline' is vigorous and more tolerant of root rot and yellow rust than 'Heritage'. Leaf coverage reduces sunscald on berry.


Autumn Britten Raspberry (Fall/Everbearing) 

Berries are long and conical with a bright red color and a very good flavor. Good upright growth and quite vigorous. Ripens 3 weeks before 'Heritage' for a longer season.