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BlackIce™ Plum                           

BlackIce™ is a cross between a cherry plum and a conventional Japanese dessert plum resulting in large fruit with superior winter hardiness, an early ripening date. and free-stone pit that does not stick to the flesh. Has been shown to be hardy and produce fruit in USDA zone 3b. Naturally compact growth habit makes it easy to manage.  Use 'Toka', 'Waneta' or Wild Plum for pollination

Mount Royal Plum                           

Blue - European Plum. Good eaten off tree. Excellent for dessert, jam and preserves. Tender, juicy flesh. Considered the best blue cultivar in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The only plum we offer that doesn't need a cross-pollinizer.

Superior Plum
One of the best hardy plums. Large fruit with dark red skin. Good for fresh eating, jam and jelly. Heavy bearing. Often sets fruit the first year. Use 'Toka' for pollination.

Toka Plum                           
This South Dakota introduction, is often described as one of the best pollinators but it also has an exceptional fruit quality. It’s a medium sized, richly flavored, almost spicy variety with beautiful apricot-colored fruit.  

Waneta Plum                           
Red - South Dakota Experiment Station introduction, 1913. Produces well the first season after planting. One of the best market plums. Fruit is large, red, sweet, juicy and of good quality.