Evans Bali Cherry                      

This variety has deep, dark red fruit about 1" in diameter.  The fruit is both excellent for baking and for fresh eating. It is much sweeter than other pie cherries. We like this variety as it has extremely hardy buds.


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There are several semi-sweet cherry trees that are hardy in our area and we’ve tried most of them, but we’ve never found another cherry trees as good as Evans Bali (originally from Canada so you know it’s hardy!)  We have two different kinds of cherry trees and bush cherries.

Lapins Cherry                          

A big, beautiful dark mahogany red cherry. These are some of the largest and juiciest cherries that grow on trees. The sweet taste is wonderful for baking and cooking. Highly resistant to browning. Thrives in zone 4b, the southern area of 4.


Nanking Cherry                         

Not really a cherry like you know them, but we love this bush! Tons of showy, white flowers with a pink blush, produced in early spring before leaves appear. Tasty red 1/3" make excellent jams/jellies or may be eaten fresh. Wildlife also love the fruit, a great conservation plant.