Contender Peach (Ripens Mid-Late August)                         

A freestone peach with bright yellow flesh. Matches 'Reliance' in cold-hardiness and tolerance of spring frosts. Sweet, extra-juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking, and freezing. Self-pollinating.



Westcot Apricot (Ripens late July)                         

Yellow fruit with an orange-red blush ripens in late July. Freestone fruit is juicy and is excellent for fresh eating or canning with a mild sweet flavor, 2" diameter at maturity. Self-fruitful, however yields improve with cross-pollination.

Brookcot Apricot (Ripens early Aug)             
Bright yellowish/orange with a  red blush. Semi-freestone fruit  is juicy with good flavor for  fresh eating or canning. Self-  Fruitful, but yields improve with cross-pollination.

Scout Apricot (Ripens early Aug)   
Bronze gold fruit, blushed with red. Good for canning and jam, fair for eating. Blooms early May, when the danger of a late frost is considerably lower. Self-fertile but produces more fruit with a pollinator.




We don’t recommend Peaches unless you’re willing to take a chance. Having said that, Contender Peach is reportedly a Zone 4 tree.  We've had some success growing them and we’re going to try them again ourselves.  There is simply nothing better than a sun warmed, juice running down your chin, sloppy summer-time peach, right off the tree.  You will never find a comparable peach at the grocery store.


Apricot blossoms are sometimes damaged with late Spring frosts, so we carry a late blooming variety. 

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