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Fireside Apple (Ripens Mid-October)

Large, red-striped fruit with an excellent sweet, pleasant flavor and good storage life. This is a classic apple variety that has stood the test of time.  Possibly the most planted apple in Minnesota. 

Sweet Sixteen Apple (Ripens mid-September)

Medium-sized red striped apple with crisp,   juicy texture. Excellent sweet, unusual flavor - like cherry candy. Outstanding dessert apple. Fire blight resistant. Good success in zone 3b. Our all time favorite apple!!!

Honeycrisp Apple (Ripens in late September)

Flavor is sweet but well-balanced. Excellent storage life, up to 7 months. Has become an outstanding commercial and home orchard variety because of its explosive crispness, flavor and storage life.  A recent favorite; this one will likely sell out fast!!!


Crab apples aren't quite as popular as their bigger cousins, but we think everyone should have one of the varieties we offer.  All have great flavor and make great apple butter and jelly, can be used alone or as a supplement to other apples when baking or in applesauce.

Zestar Apple (Ripens in late August)  

Introduced by the University of MN in 1998 as one of the, "first of the early apples that is crisp and juicy!"  Best known for its excellent sweet tart flavor. Has a much longer storage life than other early apples. Excellent for fresh eating and cooking. Because of its crispness and storage, we prefer this one to another popular early apple, the State Fair. 


There are dozens of Minnesota hardy Apples to choose from, but we can't stock them all so we've chosen favorites.  All our apples will cross pollinate each other, but ripen at different times: August to November. All are cold hardy, produce fruit with long storage life, are good eaten right off the tree or for cooking and are disease-resistant.  All of our apples are semi-dwarf, and are grafted to M7 root stock.  Semi-dwarf trees produce the same fruit, but produce at an earlier age and are on smaller trees that are easier to maintain.

Centennial Crabapple (Ripens late August)                             

Large, red over orange crabapple that is excellent for fresh eating and sauce.

Dolgo Crabapple (Ripens late August). 

This ornamental crab blooms early in the season with pink buds that open to fragrant white blooms. The large, crimson fruits are  wonderful jelly with fine flavor and color.


*NEW*  Hazen Apple  (Ripens late August)
Large, dark red, fruit with  green-yellow, flesh. Flavor’s sweet but mild, pleasant for eating, cooking, and as a dessert apple. An annual, hardy bearer. Short storage life.

Honeygold Apple                        

Medium to large, yellow apple. Fruit is crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent for eating as well as cooking.  Medium storage life. Similar to Golden 'Delicious', but hardier.