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Red Lake Currant    Height:  3-6'   Spread:  3-4'

Large clusters of bright red berries. Very productive, with the fruit staying ripe on the vine for weeks so you don't have to pick them right away. Fruits are good for jams/jellies due to their naturally high levels of pectin. 

Blanka White Currant    
These flavorful clusters of very large, translucent berries are rich in antioxidants, with more Vitamin C than oranges. They ripen in late July, becoming even sweeter and remain on the bush well into September.

Viking Aronia (aka Black Chokeberry) 
Native to the Midwest and considered a super fruit for its high nutritional value. Attractive and productive small shrub, Viking’s large, very dark blue berries are used to make tasty, nutritious juice and wine. This is self-fruitfull and bears beautiful red fall foliage.

Redwing High Bush Cranberry
Something for every season: the new spring foliage is tinted a nice red color, white flowers appear in mid-late May followed by ornamental clusters of bright red, edible fruit from late fall through early winter. The fall color is a stunning brilliant red. 

Saskatoon (aka Juneberry or Serviceberry)
A hardy alternative to blueberries. The fruit is similar but provides a rich, more intense flavor.  The berries are terrific for fresh eating and cooking. The Saskatoon bush itself can be quite large and produces an abundance of fruit. 

Borealis Honeyberry
One of the best tasting of the University of Saskatchewan breeding program. 

Berry Blue Honeyberry
A vigorous and productive plant with an upright growth habit that produces abundant, large, sweet and tasty berries. Excellent berry for fresh eating as well as jams and jellies and good productivity. 

Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry 
Large red fruit with outstanding flavor. Favorite of the home gardener.

A thorny shrub with silvery new growth. Orange-red fruits used for fine jellies. Yellow-white flower. Edible berries that birds love. Extremely drought, cold and alkaline tolerant. Needs both male and female plant to produce the beautiful fruit, only the female plants will produce fruit. Plants are unsexed.

Seaberry - Titan & Hergo
‘Titan’ is a Russian cultivar, ready to harvest in late August to early September. The fruit is large (by seaberry standards – about the size of a large pea or medium-sized blueberry) and easier to harvest by hand than most other selections. Fruit is bright orange, flavorful, less tart than most cultivars, attractive and aromatic. ‘Titan’ has been consistently fruitful.  ‘Titan’ has an upright growth habit, and unmanaged height is over 12 feet.

‘Hergo’ has branches are densely covered by attractive small, light orange fruit berries that is tart, flavorful and juicy. berries ripen in late August to early September.